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    Cynthia M.

    I love this item! Whenever I go running, I no longer have to hold my phone in my hand and risk dropping it. And it's so easy to change songs!

    Mike J.

    I'm an avid mountain biker. I used to put my phone in the back pocket under the seat. I never knew if I had missed an important call or text. Plus I wasn't able to listen to music. All those problems are solved with the Selfie Glove.

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  • Selfie-Glove- so many uses!

    With the Selfie-Glove, there is no risk of dropping your phone while running and biking.

    It works on both the front and the back of your hand. Just switch hands!


    Other great uses for the Selfie-Glove:

    1. Taking videos on roller coasters

    2. When you don't have pockets to hold your phone when out

    3. When you just need your phone handy but want to keep your hand free to pick up things

    4. It also can hold your credit cards

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